Polyurethane Pipeline Pig

Thepolyurethane pipeline pig is mainly composed of leather bowls, skeletons, connectors, etc., all made of polyurethane material.


The definition of polyurethane pipeline pig

The polyurethane pipeline pig is mainly composed of leather bowls, skeletons, connectors, etc., all made of polyurethane material, and can carry electronic transmitters. The polyurethane pipeline pig has the characteristics of strong passing ability, large deformation, high strength, not easy to jam, strong adaptability to the elbow, and so on. The polyurethane pipeline pig is mainly used for pigging and descaling long-distance pipelines with complicated natural conditions and irregular scaling. Our company can design different types of soft pigs according to the actual situation of the pipeline.

polyurethane pipeline pig

Feature and function

Polyurethane rubber still has good elasticity under high hardness conditions. Clean the pipe thoroughly with a polyurethane rubber bowl, so as to ensure the effective output and output performance of the pipe.

High strength and tear resistance

Polyurethane rubber pigging appliances have extremely high tensile strength and tear strength, so they are not afraid of scratches when removing welding burps from new pipelines. It is the best material for removing welding nodules.

Long life

The leather bowl has long wear resistance and life, especially suitable for working in oil and water conditions. Can clean more than 80m pipeline at one time. Because the cleaning pipeline is long, it can reduce the intermediate link, so it can save a lot of investment.

Good sealing

The bowl has very poor adsorption of water, oil, and other liquids and good sealing performance, so it has a good degassing effect before and a water removal effect after the hydraulic test of pipeline cleaning



1. Scrubbing can make the inner wall of the tube get a cleaner surface than washing, especially can be retained in the tube to remove the solid impurities;

2. Scrubbing saves more water than washing. In the larger flow rate to be flushed out the solid particles of impurities in the smaller flow! The speed of flow to push the scrub swab forward can be taken out of the tube;

3. Scrubbing is not only suitable for the cleaning of the newly applied pipe before use, but it is also suitable for the use of the old pipe, in order to remove the corroded impurities in the pipe and improve the water capacity.

Polyurethane foaming pig

Matters needing attention

Different sizes should be selected for different diameters and pipes;

There shall be no obstacles in the pipeline, such as butterfly valves;

A scrubbing pipe should not be too long, not more than 1km is appropriate, in order to prevent the accumulation of too much debris before scrubbing the swab, causing difficulty in moving;

When scrubbing, record the start time of scrubbing, and estimate the time that scrubbing will take, so as to estimate the obstruction position if necessary.

Make pigging plan

According to the requirements of pipeline pigging and the actual construction situation, make a scientific, reasonable, safe, and feasible pigging scheme

Make good staffing arrangements. The personnel mainly include serving personnel, receiving personnel, listening personnel, communications, logistics, and emergency repair personnel.

Prepare the equipment and materials. Including compressors, pig, receiving and serving tools, combustible gas detectors, explosion-proof gas masks,s, and communication tools, vehicles, and tracking instruments.

Take safety measures. Prepare protective equipment, fire protection equipment, warning equipment, and safety promotion materials.

Develop gas volume regulation and control plan and ball velocity control plan. If the ball speed is too fast or too slow, it may cause damage or function failure of the pig, and the pigging effect is not ideal. Too fast ball speed can also cause the pipe more violent vibration, leading to damage to the pipe, elbow, and valve, so the ball speed must be controlled within the allowed range.

Pigging times arrangement and pig selection

According to previous experience, pigging can be carried out 3 ~ 5 times for pipelines in ideal condition, and the specific times should be determined according to the pigging effect on site. If there is more water, choose more pigging balls; If there is a lot of clutter, choose a pig. Of course, in most cases, it is better to opt for a combination of distributions.

Make plans for accidents. Make good card ball, burst pipe, anti-gas, and personnel evacuation plan.

pigging process

Site preparation

Organize on-site professional personnel to check the process equipment, automatic control equipment, and communication equipment of all stations in the pigging section to ensure the normal operation of all kinds of equipment and the accuracy of instrument indication during pigging operation. In particular, it is necessary to check the receiving (sending) ball drum at each station, the blowdown circuit of the blowdown tank, and the blowdown circuit to ensure the safe operation of the receiving (sending) pig.

Prior to pigging, obtain the consent of the superior competent department and dispatch, cancel the automatic shutdown function of the pigging block valve, and turn off the priming pressure. Bottom valves for tubes and test tubes.

Check the valve switch and check for internal and external leakage.

Check and maintain the receiving tool, and deliver the assembled pig to the yard in advance.

In the ball collecting yard, the buffer ball should be put into the ball collecting cylinder in advance to prevent the pig from impacting the ball collecting plain blind plate.


polyurethane pipeline pig


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