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Our products are of high quality and can be customized according to customer needs. Because our engineers will recommend the model and material of the product according to the customer’s pipeline environment and pipeline material. All these make our company have a very high customer satisfaction

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Chemical Industry

Chemicals easily corrode pipes, so cleaning and corrosion testing required.

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Ships from ports and terminals are also often transported by pipeline.

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Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is the main application field of our products.

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Maintenance by regular injection of chemicals to prevent corrosion.


The Great Experience of Pipeline Cleaning

We have been rooted in pipe cleaning equipment for many years and are committed to providing the most suitable pipe cleaning equipment

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Frequently asked questions from customers and their answers.If you have other questions, please contact our sales staff.

I’m terribly sorry about that we can’t provide sample product for free, but our MOQ is 1 set/piece, I suggest you can buy 1 product as sample product.

We can offer you PDF products brochure, and you can find more details from it. Please kindly offer me email via chatting widget on the bottom of this page and I will send you by email.

Normally we have ISO 9000 and 4000, what other certifications do you need?


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