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The pig indicator is the necessary equipment in the pipeline pigging and descaling process in the explosion-proof place.


The pig indicator is the necessary equipment in the pipeline pigging and descaling process in the explosion-proof place. It concentrates the advantages of each through the indicator, increases its own characteristic function, and has the indication straight! View, stable performance, easy to use, and many other advantages, to provide users with more satisfactory service.

pig signaller

Product features:

This product is the basic type of minimum composition, which can work independently to complete the basic functions of the ball indication.

When the product works, a built-in timer, and automatic travel, can display the standard time (intelligent control, digital

The supply voltage of this product is DC6V.

Remote control signal.

Remote control contact capacity: 24VDC, 2A.

Remote control signal operation time: 5S.

Scope of application:

Places of explosive gas and flammable media.

Explosion-proof mark EXDⅡBT4/IP65.

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How to use:

Connect the two remote signal cables from the device. After confirming the error, unscrew the battery compartment cover, put two CR123A batteries into the container according to the polarity shown in the figure, and tighten the battery compartment cover. Then the device is powered on and starts to work.

The display window of the front panel at this time shows the unset time: “00:00” number. The time should be set before work, and the two red LEDs in the middle represent the “second” working message of the clock

The method of setting time is as follows:

Press the Set key on the front panel. The high digit of Hour blinks. Press the Adjust key.

Press Adjust. Add 1 to the lower digit of Hour. After the value is adjusted to the required value, press Set.

Press the “Adjust” key, add 1 to the high digit in “point”, adjust to the required value, press the “Set” key,

Press the Adjust key, add 1 to the lower digit of Minute, and press the Set key to blink to stop. When the clock moves according to the set time, the time-setting process is complete.

After the time is set, the device will enter the working state. After 30 seconds, the display will be automatically extinguished, and the device will enter the energy-saving working mode under the test state. At this time, the indicating signal will blink once every 4 seconds.

If you need to observe the time or adjust it during the working process, press the “Display” key and the clock display will light up. 30 seconds later, the clock display will automatically turn off, the energy saving indicator will blink, and the device will enter the energy saving mode in the test state again.

When the pig passes, the alarm switch will be triggered and the display will be lit up again, the current pig passing time will be displayed and the remote switch signal of 5 seconds will be given. At this time, when the clock stops, the display will not be extinguished. After this state has been maintained for 20 seconds, the clock will be automatically extinguished and the alarm number will be displayed when the device enters the test state again.

During the alarm display, it can be triggered continuously. The minimum interval between the two triggers is 5 seconds. During the display, the device always displays the number of alarms (the number of pigs passing). Display mode: In the last two digits, display 1 second, stop 4 seconds.

After pressing the “Display” key, the initial state can be restored and all contents stored by the alarm can be deleted.

The device can store the time of four consecutive pig passes. The search method is as follows: During the display of alarm time under the test state, press the “Set/query” key to display the four-alarm times passed by the last pig. If you want to clear the stored content, press the “Display” key to enter the initial state of the device.

The mechanical part resets automatically


Matters needing attention

The polarity of the power supply cannot be reversed.

Do not hit the display window with heavy objects during installation.

Replace the battery before use.

Be sure to remove the battery at the end of use.

pig indicator

Technical characteristics of the mechanical transmission part of the indicator

1. Design pressure: 10MPa.

2, the use of temperature: -10-100℃.

3. Install pipe diameter of 289mm.

4. Conveying medium: oil, water, natural gas, and other non-corrosive fluids.

5. Pipeline material :A: All kinds of metal with good welding performance. B: Stainless steel for special environmental requirements.

6. The length of the plate machine into the tube is 215mm.

7. When the pipeline passes through the pig in both directions, the indicator can display normally

8, suitable for explosion-proof place installation.

9, clock control indicator using electronic clock core body, plate machine swing > At 45 degrees, the clock stops showing the pig.

The time of passage.

The sign indicator adopts a mechanical transmission mechanism, plate machine swing > When the Angle of 45 degrees is 45 degrees, the sign changes from transverse (arrow cross point) to longitudinal (arrow up point), indicating that the pig has passed.

Explosion-proof digital display mechanism, plate machine swing > At 45 ° Angle, the passage time of the pig is displayed, and the instantaneous pilot signal is emitted.

In the structure ensure the pressure installation and pressure disassembly conditions. For easy observation, it can be specially machined into an elongated through-ball indicator.

The basic structure of indicator:

1. The indicator is mainly composed of a mechanical body and display mechanism (clock control head or sign indication, explosion-proof digital display, etc., which can be specially made into electricity, light, sound signal source, and remote transmission function according to user needs).

2, plate machine: two-way rotation.

3, wire plug: refer to the standard 2″ wire plug reform, and meet the installation conditions with pressure.

4. Base: made of carbon steel, alloy steel, or 304 stainless steel with good welding performance. 

5. Sealing ring.

6. Tappet.

7. Sealing ring.

8. Spring.

9. Stop washer (stop screw)

10. Increase stud tappet.

11. Tappet.

12. Tighten the screws.

13, The inner contact rod: push it, can make the clock control head stop; Can make the mechanical indication sign stand up, digital display through time and remote transmission.

14, Display mechanism: according to user needs can be installed clock control head, and mechanical indicating mechanism explosion-proof digital display or electricity, light, and sound signal source.


pig indicator


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